Dental emergencies and accidents can happen at any time, and often require immediate attention from your dentist. If you can’t get to your dentist right away, there are a few ways to reduce discomfort that can make waiting for treatment much easier. With the following tips, you can improve your comfort during your dental emergency

Accidents and Tooth Trauma

When you feel a tooth or restoration is damaged, it’s important to assess the damage and what actually caused it. Try to find and save anything that was knocked out, whether a tooth, tooth fragment, or restoration. Recovering these pieces provide the opportunity for efficient emergency treatment, as dentists can sometimes place knocked-out teeth back in their sockets. Similarly, tooth fragments and restorations can sometimes be re-attached if damage is not too extensive.

Save these fragments or teeth by placing them in a container of milk, water, or even saliva, as keeping these pieces hydrated increases chances for reattachment. 

For trauma that exposes your tooth root, or makes normal dental function impossible, patients should take over the counter pain medication. This will also aid in reducing swelling. By icing affected areas you can also increase relief. Also, you can seek out your local pharmacy for dental cement, and use this material to cover sensitive areas. Dental cement, however, is only a temporary fix, and visiting the dentist will ensure your dental issue is repaired completely. If left alone, your fracture or discomfort will get worse. 

Toothaches and Decay

For many, chronic toothaches and temperature sensitivity are signs of tooth decay. This can develop into a dental emergency, especially if ignored for a long period of time. Tooth decay can cause a different kind of dental emergency, where bacteria have spread into your tooth’s inner tissue or throughout the gums. The procedures to restore teeth after decay can be extensive, extending to tooth extraction and periodontal treatment.

Instead of waiting for your toothache to become a serious issue, visit the dentist. If you have dental anxiety or fears, being open about them will ensure you dentist takes great care to resolve the issues. To prevent future issues with decay, improve oral home care habits and visit the dentist regularly. 

Call Seattle Dental and Denture Arts for Emergency Care

Dr. K provides compassionate emergency dental care from his Seattle practice. Call us when you have a dental emergency or are feeling the onset of a toothache. We accept walk-in patients and strive to treat you as soon as possible. 


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