Tooth Extractions in Downtown Seattle

To protect oral health, sometimes teeth have to be removed. Either due to decay or impaction, extraction protects the health of the entire smile by removing unhealthy or damaged teeth. Seattle Dental and Denture Arts provides expert tooth extraction and restoration under the experienced hands of Dr Hodges, DDS.

Our Seattle practice emphasizes conservative care, however, tooth extractions are necessary when other dental procedures cannot save a tooth or teeth. This procedure is designed to relieve patients from discomfort caused by decayed or damaged teeth. Depending on the severity of decay, we can remove individual teeth to a full arch of teeth. If you are experiencing toothaches, this may be caused by decay or damage, and you should contact us today for emergency care. If you have received a tooth extraction and need help with caring for the site, please visit our post-operation care page. 

Why Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Decay can advance deep inside a tooth, eating through enamel and into inner tooth structures. When the infection spreads, it causes teeth to decay and break down. If left alone, you can develop infected gum tissues and experience constant discomfort. In other cases, dental trauma can break a tooth, where even extensive restorations cannot repair it. Over time, patients with infected or damaged teeth will adjust their bite to avoid causing discomfort, disturbing normal eating function, laughing, and speaking. Dr. K performs extraction in these cases to prevent patient’s smiles to be further damaged or to stop the spread of infection. 

Safe Tooth Extraction from Seattle Dental and Denture Arts

The treatment process begins with an examination of the smile, where Dr. K discusses with you how he’ll approach the tooth extraction. For the actual extraction procedure, patients will be thoroughly numbed and shielded from discomfort. The tooth will then be extracted carefully. Post-operation, your dentist will offer restorative procedures that can replace the extracted tooth or teeth. We have a range of restorative options that will repair your smile, including:


All of our restoration options are fully customized to your smile, designed to be the optimal tooth size and shade for each patient’s needs. Our specialized denture clinic helps us provide custom partials and dentures, as well as same-day repair and relining for future prosthesis adjustments. We strive to care for our patients who are missing teeth, and continue to support your restorations over time. 

Contact Dr. Hodges for Expert Extractions

Our Seattle practice is a few blocks away from Pike Place Market, on the North side of Macy’s. Call us today, or use our online form to schedule an examination to see if your dental discomfort requires our tailored care.


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