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Seattle Dental and Denture Arts provides an extensive array of denture services through our specialized denture clinic. Our clinic is led by an experienced team of denturists, offering denture repair, relining, and customization to ensure a comfortable and proper fit. Dr. Hodges is proud to help clients restore their dental function and give them full smiles. Our practice understands how a restored smile inspires confidence in patients, and we want to help adults and seniors obtain a comfortable and working smile.

Our dental practice and denture clinic is a couple blocks down from Pike Place Market, on the north side of Macy’s. If your denture doesn’t fit right, isn’t comfortable, or has damage, please visit us. We accept walk-ins and strive to repair dentures same-day. 

Offering Comprehensive Denture Services

Whether patients have recently had their teeth extracted or are looking to replace their old dentures, Seattle Dental and Denture Arts supplies new, fully customized dentures for our patients. Our dentures are tailor-made to individual specifications, matching your smile in every aspect. Whether you’re receiving partials or full dentures, we ensure that the acrylic teeth are the right size and shape for your mouth. Additionally, we properly shade-match teeth to enhance the appearance of your smile and match gum lining to the complexion of your gums. It’s possible for individuals to have gold placed on dentures, if patients wish to achieve a unique dental aesthetic. 

Constant Denture Care

Seattle Dentures | Denture ClinicAfter teeth extraction, patients receive temporary denture liners that gently fit the smile until healing is complete. The physical size and density of jaw bone changes after tooth extraction, and patients need regular adjustments made to their dentures to secure comfort. Over the span of a year, patients will need dentures relined and adjusted to better fit their changing smile. Our denture clinic in Seattle takes care of your relines, making dentures like-new on the inside. It’s the goal of this practice to provide same-day care if there is any damage to the dentures, such as if one of our patient’s dentures breaks or the acrylic teeth crack.

We offer all of the same services for partial dentures, making sure existing teeth are protected and your smile’s appearance maintained. 

Dr. Hodges is Here to help You!

Patients are welcome to our denture clinic for walk-in repairs and re-sizing. Our dedicated denture team is committed to efficient and quality treatment, helping patients acquire a beautiful smile in a timely manner. Contact us today for denture care. 

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