Denture Stablilization

Denture Stabilization

“Dental Implant Solutions for Loose Dentures”denture-stabilization


Dentures can look esthetic but they can be very uncomfortable.  Trouble with eating and talking as well as the formation of “denture sores” as a result of the dentures moving around can limit happiness.   Additionally, denture wearers may have a fear of their dentures falling out when they laugh, sing, cough, or sneeze.  Implants will retain a denture, making it more stable.  You will find it easier to eat and speak.  You will lessen the number of denture sores you develop, and your fear of your dentures falling out will be a thing of the past!

Lower dentures can often be stabilized with just 2 implants.  Additional implants can be added for more stability.  In some cases your existing denture can be converted to fit to the new implants. 

Upper dentures require at least 4 implants to retain them because the upper bone is less dense.  Your denture will still cover the roof of your mouth for support when biting, but we can usually remove about 1 centimeter from the palate of the denture and we can reduce the size of the flanges (extensions) by your lips to increase comfort.

In many cases a titanium bar can splint the implants together which makes them stronger.  This also allows us to make your denture smaller (we can cut the palate out) and it allows you to chew harder foods.  Another great use for dental implants is to stabilize partial dentures.  Often 1 or 2 implants can make your partial denture fit tightly and we can usually remove unsightly clasps on your partial denture too!

Lastly, missing teeth and bone structure may result in unwanted changes to your appearance.  Your lips can lose support and your cheeks can sink in.  Both situations can make a person appear older and can result in wrinkles.  Replacing this lost structure with implants and a new denture can take years off of your appearance and can keep you looking and feeling young!


“You Have Loose Dentures – Now What?”


 We can often place your dental implants right away.  Upper implants can take 6 months to fuse to your bone, called osseointegration, and lower implants can take 4 months, so the sooner you start treatment the sooner you can start eating your favorite foods!


“Outside Seattle?”

If you are located outside the Seattle area you can checkout the implants and restorative dental care provided at our partner clinics at My Dental Club.



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