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Dental Emergencies – Kooroush Mansourzadeh, DDS – Seattle Dental and Denture Arts – Seattle, WA

Seattle Dental and Denture Arts provides emergency dental care when you need it. Dr. Kooroush Mansourzadeh is passionate about relieving dental pain and making sure patients recover fully from dental accidents or decay. Our full service dental practice offers a wide range of treatment options. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call immediately.

Please visit our Seattle office, near Pikes Place Market, for your dental emergency. For questions or to call ahead, call our office line: (206) 623-1140. If you call after hours, follow instructions to get in contact with someone from our office. We will schedule you in as soon as possible.  

Dental Accidents and Trauma 

Individuals of all ages experience dental accidents, whether your child is in sports, or you chip a tooth while eating. In these cases, you can damage teeth in a range of ways and knock out restorations. To improve the chances of restoring your smile fully, be sure to recover any tooth or restoration fragments, for even whole teeth can be placed back into the smile. 

Accidents can cause significant discomfort, and to alleviate this pain take medication or ice the affected area. To cover sensitive areas, purchase dental cement from a local drug store, and apply for a temporary seal. The most important step in restoring your smile is visiting your Seattle dentist

Toothaches and Decay

Toothaches are an indicator of dental issues in the smile. When untreated, decay progresses, and will only increase your discomfort, affecting your bite and daily life. Advanced decay and periodontitis cause significant problems in teeth, including cavities and gum recession. Dr. Kooroush delivers gentle treatment for both simple and advanced states of dental decay. It’s the goal of our dental team to relieve discomfort and provide comprehensive solutions to restore dental function. 

Some of our restorative procedures include: 
Tooth-Colored Fillings
Root Canal Therapy 
Custom Restorations

Contact our Seattle practice for your Dental Emergency 

When the health of your smile is at risk, and you’re experiencing dental discomfort, our practice is here to help. Dr. Kooroush provides extensive restorative work and compassionate care to safeguard your oral health. Call us today, or use our online form to schedule an appointment. 

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